Dale Goodno – Chief Information Officer

Dale Goodno is the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Ministries Corporation Chief Information Officer (CIO). As the CIO, Dale provides technical leadership for the direction, execution, and development of the SSMO Ministries’ information systems. He is responsible for the management, maintenance and development of the local area network (LAN), electronic mail, Internet web servers, firewall, routing, administrative databases and financial systems. He supervises the IT department maintaining operation of file and print services, user accounts, information security and disaster recovery. He is also responsible for purchasing, installing, and maintaining servers, internetworking hardware, computers, telephones and software. He establishes goals, policies and procedures, and develops the strategic plan for information technology to ensure that project implementations are timely, cost-effective, and follow applicable legal requirements. Dale has been CIO for the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon since 1999. 

Prior to joining SSMO, Dale Goodno served as Enterprise Project Manager for U.S. Bank. He successfully merged the general ledgers of regional banks following acquisitions and mergers. He prepared U.S. Bank for year 2000 readiness through mainframe product conversions of reconciliation systems for loan management, due to/due from, general ledger and accounts payable. He managed the conversion and consolidation of deposit processing for 17 states. He has received awards [US Bank Spotlight Award (1995), CRED Leading Edge (1996)] for his innovative efforts in programming and establishing data exchange between mainframe and network computer systems. Dale has a broad background in computing and information technology with experience ranging from mainframe to microcomputers, from enterprise applications and legacy systems to desktop client-side applications.

Dale attended Linfield College (B.S. Physics – 1991) and the University of Oregon (M.S. Applied Information Management – 1998).

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