Spirit Magazine – SSMO Core Value Series

The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon have instilled four core values on this campus.

Live Valiantly

Strive for Excellence

Honor the Unique Gifts of Each Person

Celebrate God and Life – Coming November 2023

The Sisters’ Core Values motivate and guide everything we do as stewards of their sponsored ministries. These four issues of Spirit Magazine take an intentional look at each one of the core values.

These magazines are filled with 137 years of stories that highlight how Sisters’ encompass their Core Values and inspire all of us to live each day.

Enjoy this special collection of Spirit Magazine.

In this issue:

In this issue:

Standing on the Shoulders to Strive for Music Excellence

Take 5 – Striving for Excellence at Maryville

In this Issue:

Art – A Unique Gift Available to All of Us

Delivering Gifts of Connection and Engagement to Maryville 

The Superpower Gift of Teamwork